Aira, is a complete collection of chairs, and stools for domestic settings, bars and restaurants,

offices and meeting rooms, classrooms or learning spaces.

As the chair offers numerous seating options,

Aira perfectly summarizes the concept a product family,

proposing the chair in numerous variants in terms of colours, accessories and functions.

Aira changes colors, shapes, areas of use and types of user without altering its essential appearance.

It is a base to which to add or superimpose other features to create unique and perfect products satisfying specific needs.

aira settings




Aira is a chair characterized by a molded polypropylene shell, which includes a variety of bases and accessories.
The mono color version is available in seven shades, while the bi-color version consists of a white shell combined with six colored inserts, which are applied on both sides of the back.

The inserts are flush with the shell as a result of a patented technology of co-molding.
The inserts are also customizable with digital printing technologies.

Aira can be equipped with an under-seat cover or alternatively with anti-scratch elastomer spacers fixed directly to the frame to allow for high density stacking.

Aira provides various possibilities for padding: an upholstered seat pad, upholstered back and seat pad or fully upholstered.
The padding is made with non-deformable expanded resins, covered in fabric, without the use of staples and glues.

The Aira has eleven different bases of various types and sizes. The base finishes are available in: chrome-plated or powder coated steel tube, chrome-plated or powder coated steel rod, lathed beechwood in natural stain, die-case polished aluminum, shaped steel and micro-perforated steel plate.

Aira can be fitted with numerous accessories including: armrest, under-seat cover, retractable ganging devices, writing tablets and cup/device holder extention.

Aira is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to treatments against ultraviolet rays (standard for the white shell and optional for the other colours) and to the special varnishings of the metal parts.

  • molded polypropylene shell

  • MONO COLOR version available in 7 shades

  • BI-COLOR version with 6 colored inserts applied on both sides of the back

  • CUSTOMIZABLE inserts 

  • equipped with an under-seat cover or with anti-scratch elastomer spacers 

  • Padding on seat and back or fully padded

  • wide range of upholstery options

  • 11 different BASES 

  • numerous accessories

  • Outdoor version option




The possibility of creating an endless range of combinations makes Aira an open seating system.

The customer’s own creativity multiplies the possible versions, adding solutions to the ideas behind the project.


Mono color


The innovative moulding technique used for the shell allows a

color insert to be added,

on the front and back, creating a pleasant visual effect that is ideal for contemporary and stylish settings.




The sophisticated production technique allows the inserts to be customised with exclusive decorations.




“With aira, I wanted to create an ample program configurable by the user.

By combining materials, colors and finishes the user can create his own seat according to his functional and aesthetic requirements.”


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