Seating system

The right solution in any place 

In order to fulfil any need, Ares Line has developed a service of "on demand" solutions; production has thus become so flexible that it can focus completely on expressing the needs of the customer.

Tailor-made solutions that can be equipped with additional options and customised with specially designed materials, upholstery and on demand supports.

Conference system

conference system

Conference System solutions by MosaicoGroup combine project design and conference management, microphone handling, voting, audio video control, and interpretation in one integrated system. We propose a variety of touchscreen, portable, and flush mounted conference units that offer solutions for permanently-installed systems and temporary meetings. Our solutions are easy to use and can handle every aspect of the conference, from audio to voting, from recording to archiving. 

Acoustic solution
Opera Alema 1.0 Artist
Opera Alema 1.0 pice of art
Opera Alema 1.0 Artist


The most natural development of the Fonology strategy of constantly seeking and using a wide range of materials is something rare and unique: a work of art.

The result of collaboration between Opera Alema, the celebrated artists’ workshop in Fano, and our technical team is a set of paintings with high sound absorbing power, which have been tested at specialist acoustic laboratories.

Manual skill, craftsmanship and a stroke of genius make them genuinely unique.

Opera Alema approached this project by creating panels with natural and non-natural materials, such as large tobacco leaves, lead, stones and glass.

No limit on creativity!