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Office seating

Ares Line 

In order to fulfil any need, Ares Line has developed a service of "on demand" solutions; production has thus become so flexible that it can focus completely on expressing the needs of the customer.

Tailor-made solutions that can be equipped with additional options and customised with specially designed materials, upholstery and on demand supports.

Acoustic solution
Office acoustic solution


In addition to traditional sound absorbing materials, Fonology uses and converts reflective materials, transforming them and enhancing them to their full acoustic potential. An approach that allows for the broadest choice of materials, the widest freedom of use, and above all, a new interpretation of sound absorption.

Innovative lines, colours and profiles bring the great aesthetic appeal of Italian style to highly functional elements.

Technological Solutions
Office flooring

Integrated Multimedia Solutions
Integrated multimedia solutions and Italian expertise on Project Management for collective spaces. MosaicoGroup specialize in integrated supervision and its implications for Retail, Hospitality, Education sectors as well as multi-purpose rooms, cinemas, auditoriums, theatres, where lighting, security, audio and video control coexist.

Office flooring


Our Tetris floor with partial access is the ideal solution for auditorium and conference rooms; it can be finished with a wide range of products giving maximum freedom to designers and architects.

Office sunscreen


Mason SRL manufactures quality tribunes, with fine finishes, fully customizable: a system of modular metal structures, in conformity with the the European standards, customizable to be adapted in environments of any size and shape.

The exclusive TECNOFRAME system fits perfectly in rooms such as auditoriums, theaters, cinemas, concert halls, lecture halls, multi-purpose and multi-purpose rooms.


Verde Profilo 

The application of MOSSwall® in a conference hall can control the sound of waves, through the material form of the MOSS while the 21 available colors lend themselves to providing sophisticated interior design solutions. The sound absorption of MOSSwall® is certified by the UNI EN ISO 11654: 1998 and UNI EN ISO 354: 2003.

Technical Solution

Decima srl

Decima is highly specialized in the field of stage machinery, modular stage platforms, acoustic-decorative furnishings, stage curtains and draperies, lighting and stage control, public address systems. Decima always works with the same care, either in the historical venues or in the case of modern buildings, both characterized by a conception that well synthesizes its work: custom-made solutions with no compromise on quality. Besides the steady contract activity, Decima adds a delivery to the show market of professional products like stage lighting luminaries and controls, aluminium trusses, hoists, audio systems, accessories.

Light Management


Our mission is to adjust sun light to energy factors and visual comfort, ensuring effectiveness in both standard and innovative advanced solutions  and to help you throughout the whole process, from the project to the laying and maintenance services.

Conference rooms require flexible lighting conditions and often the need of complete darkness. Medit skylight and dim-out systems provide the ideal solution for room darkening and customized light modulation.

Unesco salle X
Unesco salle X

Paris - France

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Parliament of Georgia
Parliament of Georgia

Kutaisi, Georgia

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AM Instrument
AM Instrument

Limbiate - Italy

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