Seating system


Office seating

Ares Line 

In order to fulfil any need, Ares Line has developed a service of "on demand" solutions; production has thus become so flexible that it can focus completely on expressing the needs of the customer.

Tailor-made solutions that can be equipped with additional options and customised with specially designed materials, upholstery and on demand supports.

Acoustic solution
Office acoustic solution


In addition to traditional sound absorbing materials, Fonology uses and converts reflective materials, transforming them and enhancing them to their full acoustic potential. An approach that allows for the broadest choice of materials, the widest freedom of use, and above all, a new interpretation of sound absorption.

Innovative lines, colours and profiles bring the great aesthetic appeal of Italian style to highly functional elements.

Kindergartens & nursery school


The love of living the environment is the constant that has always guided OMSI in the specialization towards furniture for kindergartens and nursery schools, with respect to safety, and meeting the standards. 
Having the opportunity to live in spaces furnished with passion, comfortable, off ers more freedom to learn, more imagination, and create situations that are under a constant transformation both in reality, and in the imagination of children.
The continuous research and study, and the constant and close relation with the industry experts led OMSI to become one of the major industry leaders.


Office flooring
Office flooring


Raised floor can be supplied for university and schools, thanks to its technical characteristics and the flexibility which allow cost saving and easy maintenance.

Office sunscreen


Mason SRL manufactures quality tribunes, with fine finishes, fully customizable: a system of modular metal structures, in conformity with the the European standards, customizable to be adapted in environments of any size and shape.

The exclusive TECNOFRAME system fits perfectly in rooms such as auditoriums, theaters, cinemas, concert halls, lecture halls, multi-purpose and multi-purpose rooms.


Verde Profilo 

The application of green walls in the educational context encourages contact with nature and helps to stimulate concentration.

0-6 school furnture / Nursery and preschool


Since 1925 our company has designed, manufactured and marketed innovative and customized solutions for nursery and preschools. Our Italian design furnishings are safe and built with materials and finishes of utmost quality, in compliance with the most stringenst European tecnica standards (UNI and EN). We offer very accurate floorplans, with a carefuk study of the spaces represented in detailed 2D and 3D plans.

6-18 school furniture


The need for radical innovation in education is widely recognised. Good quality teaching requires good spaces. Schools need new, comfortable spaces that encourage teaching, learning and sharing experiences. Modern learning environment,  2.0 and 3.0 schools, promoting cooperative learning – these are just some of the names that express the need for innovation.

GAM – Gonzaga Arredi Montessori – thanks to its unique history and experience in this field, offers ideal planning and furnishing solutions for all new school environments: classrooms, labs, workshops, libraries, communal areas. Furniture designed to create spaces that meet teachers and students’ needs and wishes.

Montessori educational materials


The direct presence of the great educator Maria Montessori in Gonzaga has led to the production of the first Montessori materials, still appreciated around the world for the quality and attention to the details. This cultural heritage is the foundation of the forthcoming creation of a new Cultural Centre in Gonzaga, which will contribute to spread the Montessori educational approach through training courses and conferences. A recent agreement with the Dutch Group Heutnk/Nienhuis has created an International platform which manufactures ad distributes the products of the GAM brand, certified by International bodies such as the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale), the Opera Nazionale Montessori and the Centro Nascita Montessori in Rome.

Technical solution


Decima is highly specialized in the field of stage machinery, modular stage platforms, acoustic-decorative furnishings, stage curtains and draperies, lighting and stage control, public address systems. Decima always works with the same care, either in the historical venues or in the case of modern buildings, both characterized by a conception that well synthesizes its work: custom-made solutions with no compromise on quality. Besides the steady contract activity, Decima adds a delivery to the show market of professional products like stage lighting luminaries and controls, aluminium trusses, hoists, audio systems, accessories.

Campus Einaudi
Campus Einaudi

Turin - Italy

Scuola dell'infanzia
Scuola dell'infanzia
Pontifical Gregorian University
Pontifical Gregorian University

Rome - Italy