Seating system

Papillon by Giovanni Baccolini

Versatile and complete

Practical and elegant, Papillon easily opens and closes like the flutter of butterfly wings. When open, it is a very comfortable chair, with a variety of useful accessories, for meeting or conference rooms. When closed, it is easy to store and handle for its next use.

Main features and options

  • Extremely comfortable compact chair

  • Available with fixed legs, self-braking casters or suction pads

  • Rapid ganging system and anti-panic writing tablet for conference use

  • Chair folds easily for storage when required

  • Can be move and stored on a 2 tier dolly

  • Offers Certified acoustic performance in compliance with ISO 354 standard

Papillon with Kvadrat tissue

Acoustic solution
Mosswall Acoustic

MOSSwall® Acoustic and PRA' 

2017 is dressed in green, or rather Greenery. Green is the colour many sector magazines have identified as this year’s trend.

We have accidentally followed this trend and our laboratories have come up with two highly innovative new products in terms of design and features, but which are also green!

Cooperation between Fonology - leading company in sound absorption and correction of acoustics - and Verde Profilo - a new and dynamic company bursting with ideas - has led to creation of MOSSwall® Acoustic. Although identical in appearance to the now legendary MOSSwall®, the new version combines design and acoustic comfort thanks to sound absorbing materials positioned underneath the blanket of lichens.

The PRA’ module, on the other hand, which is the new frontier in sound absorption, is the brainchild of the young designer Sandro Rai. An entertaining way of reviewing how to divide open spaces, which, last but not least, also offers a high level of acoustic absorption. Pra’ is formed of leaves with a galvanised foamed sheet core covered in fabric. This makes them as flexible as grass.

Technological Solutions

The wonders of the multimedia, the added value of a total customization.

We specialize in integrated supervision and its implications for offices where lighting, security, audio and video control coexist.


Light Management
Light Management


Vertigo is a true synthesis of excellence: the exclusive combination of three different materials which combine the most sought features for external solar shading.

Aluminum: design, reflection, reduction of thermal load, low emissivity PVC and Polyester yarn: flexibility, color, ease to handle Stainless steel: resistance, dimensional stability, compactness.

The reduced weight and thickness of Vertigo will allow usage as a traditional screen fabric, with no increase of overall dimensions, or alteration of the winding and lifting mechanisms.

Thanks to its resistance Vertigo requires no maintenance.

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Jesolo - Italy
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