Seating system

Ares Line 

In order to fulfil any need, Ares Line has developed a service of "on demand" solutions; production has thus become so flexible that it can focus completely on expressing the needs of the customer.

Tailor-made solutions that can be equipped with additional options and customised with specially designed materials, upholstery and on demand supports.


For over 40 years we have produced functional and stylish furniture for all types of libraries, creating the best solutions for each environment, in collaboration with architects and librarians. Our last creation, the Modular shelving  system, allows multiple layouts and great customisation for all spaces, from historical to modern buildings and from local librarie sto science and università libraries. Accurate workmanship, high quality finishes and heavy duty capacity add value to both the publications on display and the library.


Modular system

The Modular shelving system offers different solutions, available in three different lines. The accessories,

which are common to all lines, endow functionality to the single elements. Accurate workmanship, high

quality finishes and heavy duty capacity add value to both the publications on display and the library.

Seating system

Thesi design Giovanni Baccolini

A minimalist theatre seat with a side which evokes the form of a tuning fork and the letter Y in its name.

Its unusual feature is the limited volume.

The elegance and compactness of the tip-up seat become even clearer when it is closed, as it fits

perfectly into the side without jutting out, maintaining the purity of the shape.

The clean-cut shape is accompanied by finishes which allow an infinite number of combinations of precious woods and comfortable coverings.

Acoustic Solution

Easy Air

Play easy!

High-performance acoustic absorption, reducing noise by 35%

Light Management


Twiggy is an exclusive 18mm wooden venetian blind suitable to be fitted in glass walls.

Privacy, light management and design at a touch thanks to easy motorised handling.

Collaborative work solution

Collaborative work solution 

MosaicoGroup offers custom-made solutions as collaboration and data sharing, conferencing

and telepresence to connect and engage your workforce across the enterprise. Our solutions for Workplace 3.0 ensure effective collaboration and in real time with nomad collaborators, subsidiaries, clients, service providers or partners. Our integrated solutions in the field of the unified communication and collaboration, suitable for modern workplaces are simple to use and assure productive collaboration. We enable connected learning and collaboration solutions that support new patterns of education. Our solutions as videoconferencing, virtual interaction,

voice, video and data sharing contribute to higher engagement, more motivation and creativity. We provide also additional facility management applications such as security, surveillance, CCTV, lighting and climate control systems for schools, universities and classrooms to best suit the needs of flexible new behaviours of learning and teaching.

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