Acoustic solution



In addition to traditional sound absorbing materials, Fonology uses and converts reflective materials, transforming them and enhancing them to their full acoustic potential. An approach that allows for the broadest choice of materials, the widest freedom of use, and above all, a new interpretation of sound absorption.

Innovative lines, colours and profiles bring the great aesthetic appeal of Italian style to highly functional elements.

Technological Solutions

Integrated Multimedia Solutions
Integrated multimedia solutions and Italian expertise on Project Management for collective spaces. MosaicoGroup specialize in integrated supervision and its implications for Retail, Hospitality, Education sectors as well as multi-purpose rooms, cinemas, auditoriums, theatres, where lighting, security, audio and video control coexist.



Nesite is where the flexibility of an artisan company joins to the professionalism and potential of an industrial one. A big production capacity combined with the detailed and handmade refinements.

That means we can provide a customized raised floor, with special size and/or with logo of the company: the ideal solution for a retail space of a customer to show its own brand.



Our mission is to adjust sun light to energy factors and visual comfort, ensuring effectiveness in both standard and innovative advanced systems. Thanks to our knowledge and our wide range of indoor and outdoor solutions we will help you throughout the whole process: from the project to the laying and maintenance services.



Verde Profilo 

The inclusion of natural greenery in the workplace is becoming increasingly important, it has been proved that the presence of indoor greenery improves the working life, making the work place less stressful. MOSSwall®, the vertical green without maintenance, allows you to realize highly scenic natural walls and with low environmental impact.

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