Ares Line @ NeoCon Chicago

Ares Line is be back at NeoCon in Chicago with a new great complete collection of chairs:


this complete collection of chairs and stools for domestic settings, bars and restaurants, offices and meeting rooms, classrooms or learning spaces. As the chair offers numerous seating options, A•i•ra perfectly summarizes the concept a “product family”, proposing the chair in numerous variants in terms of colours, accessories and functions. A•i•ra changes colours, shapes, areas of use and types of user without altering its essential appearance. It is a base to which to add or superimpose other features to create unique and perfect products satisfying specific needs.

The possibility of creating an endless range of combinations makes A•i•ra an open seating system. The customer’s own creativity multiplies the possible versions, adding solutions to the ideas behind the project.

#AresLine #FAIR

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