Ares Line at Orgatec 2018 - Stand H002  Hall 11.2

Orgatec 2018 - Ares Line look forward to seeing you in Cologne from 23 to 27 October to show you a new way of conceiving workspaces.

New shapes, new visions and new products.

An innovative design vision, blending visual appeal and tech solutions that allow us to offer our clients customised solutions, that combine craftsmanship and innovation, quality and safety, good looks and practicality.

Orgatec 2018 – New Visions of Work
Colonia, 23 – 27 October 2018

Stand H002 Hall 11.2

Ares Line will be taking its range of solutions for the workplace and community areas to Cologne from 23 to 27 October. We will present our furniture systems and the new developments in acoustic design for indoor areas.

Offices, public and private common areas: nowadays the boundaries are rather indistinct, indoor areas are more fluid and technology allows us to work in different places, but also to bring comfort, visual appeal and well-being into the places where we work.

We are known the world over for our office and community seating that stands out from the rest and improves how we use space; over time we have developed our design and creative capacity to meet the increasingly complex needs of shared spaces through innovative ideas.

Visual appeal and good looks neatly combine with practicality and technology as with the AIRA chair and the LINER table.


Versatile by vocation.

At Orgatec 2018 our focus on the latest creation in our seating range: AIRA, a true collection with a myriad of variants, but its comfort and visual appeal are truly unique. Can be customised with colours, accessories, numerous bases and finishes, AIRA represents a base to which you can add or overlay, until you create really unique designs suited to satisfy specific needs. Perfect for spaces at home, and also in public premises for offices, classrooms, waiting rooms and co-working areas. For indoor or outdoor spaces.


Sound-absorbing technology for extraordinary acoustic comfort.

The results of our research on acoustic materials and elements, conducted with our Fonology brand, have taken shape. State-of-the-art technology covered by an internati

onal patent is the basis of our revolutionary range of LINER tables featuring outstanding sound-absorbing properties. Round and square tables in different sizes and finishes. Even the bases are varied and can be customised in height and matched with the AIRA seat.

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