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Unesco celebrates its 70th anniversary with a renovated Executive Board Meeting Room

In 2014 UNESCO put forward an exciting proposal to renovate the Executive Board Room and its Delegates’ Lounge, located within the Headquarters buildings.

This proposal was presented to, and agreed upon by, the Organization’s Headquarters Committee in April 2014.

The Headquarters Building, situated opposite France’s historical Military Academy, and which looks upon the Eiffel Tower, the Palais de Chaillot and the Esplanade des Doits de l’Homme, was inaugurated in November 1958.

Renowned the world over for its architectural ingenuity and use of advanced building technology at the time, the structure was the genius of several internationally-recognized architects and engineers.

Notably, the meeting room of the Executive Board, where the delegates sit in a circle, symbolizes the equal dignity of all the Members of the Board, while the ceiling design represents the convergence of minds in a single keystone. The ceiling consists of 20 radial prefabricated beams. The wooden cladding of walls and ceilings offer high quality both architecturally and acoustically.

This room has not been substantively renovated since the building was opened.

As UNESCO will be celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2015, it was deemed timely to renovate this room, bringing it into the 21st century, while maintaining its historical character and special symbolism.

Unesco salle X CDN

Improvements was made for the comfort of Members of the Board including a new Boardroom table and chairs, which respect the symbolism intended by the original architects while improving ergonomic needs of the 21st-century.


All technological and electrical equipment is also being modernized, allowing the adoption of new meeting room technologies available today: integrated Multimedia Solutions and electrical equipment, as well as integrated audio video control solution, conference system, simultaneous interpretation and electronic voting, lighting management, networking. 

All conference system has been integrated on chairs.


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Unesco Salle X Executive Board Meeting in Paris, France;

project fitted with 183 Tempo seats / 106 Trendy First Class seats / Tecno Frame / customized boardroom table 


- Name: Unesco Salle X

- Location: Paris, France

- Year of development: 2015

- Segments: Confernce Halls

- Capacity: 289 

- Dimension: 400 sqm

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Paris - France
Unesco Salle X, 1958
Unesco salle X project
Unesco salle X
Unesco salle X, work in progres
Unesco salle X
Unesco salle X
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Unesco salle x, Tempo by AresLine
Unesco salle x
Unesco salle x, Tempo by AresLine
Unesco salle x, Trendy by AresLine
Unesco salle x, Tempo by AresLine
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