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The project area covers 11,000 square meters within walking distance from the Würth Museum and the

headquarters of Würth, leading company with offices around the world.
The choice of this area, Künzelsau in Baden Württemberg, for the Wuerth family is symbolic, as well as natural.

Würth company

project area

David Chipperfield Architects Berlin


self made man

81 years old, 3 children and an empire.

#141 on Forbes lists (2016)

Reinhold Wuerth entered his father's wholesale screw business in 1949, at age 14, as the company's second employee and first apprentice. 
After his father's sudden death in 1954, he took the reins and honed a competitive advantage.
Wuerth Group has sales of over $11 billion and a workforce of some 67,000 employees in more than 400 companies in 80-plus countries.

Reinhold Wuerth

Würth Foundation

Reinhold Würth and his wife Carmen founded in 1987, the Würth Foundation
which promotes art and culture, science and research.

In the 1960s, Reinhold Würth developed a passion for collecting works of art.

One of the first acquisitions was a watercolour painting by Emil Nolde.

Meanwhile, he has over 17,000 works of art in his collection,

including works by Edvard Munch, Max Beckmann and Pablo Picasso.

Since 1999, art galleries have been opened successively at nine international Würth companies.

The galleries are connected directly to the individual countries’ main offices.

This way, the exhibitions permit an inspiring coexistence and interplay of the arts and everyday business.

Museo Würth la Rioja

Museo Würth la Rioja


Musée Würth Erstein

Musée Würth Erstein


Kunstforum Würth Turnhout

Kunstforum Würth Turnhout


Kulturforum Würth Kolding

Kulturforum Würth Kolding


Kunstlocatie Würth's Hertogenbosch

Kunstlocatie Würth's Hertogenbosch


Galleri Würth

Galleri Würth


Art room Würth

Art room Würth


Forum Würth Rorschach

Forum Würth Rorschach


Art Forum Würth Capena

Art Forum Würth Capena


Art Forum Würth Capena

Art Forum Würth Capena


Art Forum Würth Capena

Art Forum Würth Capena


Art Forum Würth Capena

Art Forum Würth Capena



The construction of the Carmen Würth Forum begins in 2011 when, as a result of a competition, the renowned David Chipperfield Architects, won the challenge.

The new building, dedicated to Mrs. Würth, will be opened on 18/07/2017 on her eightieth birthday.

The building is embedded in the landscape, characterised by expansive meadows and fields, which it integrates as an architectural theme: this was the winning idea of David Chipperfield and Alexander Schwarz.  
Two retaining walls made of bush-hammered, in-situ concrete frame a forecourt in front of the main entrance to the building.
This square serves as a forum for diverse outdoor events, such as open-air concerts.

The main entrance leads into the naturally lit foyer, from where the large event hall is accessed.

While the lower level of the hall is sunk into the earth, the upper gallery level, which is glazed on all sides, rises above the highest point of the terrain.

construction site
construction site

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construction site
construction site

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concert hall
concert hall

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construction site
construction site

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David Chipperfield Architects Berlin


David Chipperfield, Alexander Schwarz – Partner

project start 


completion due 

18/7/2017 (first construction stage)

gross floor area

10.000 mq


10.000 people


multipurpose hall, concert hall, gallery, open-air plaza

David Chipperfield Architects 

David Chipperfield Architects, founded in 1984 by the British architect Sir David Alan Chipperfield, with its four studies in London, Berlin, Milan and Shanghai, is among the most recognized architectural firms in the world.

Over the years he has collected numerous prestigious projects around the world and important architectural awards.


Seating Development

Ares Line is distinguished by its great capacity to meet customer requirements, going towards the need for customization.
Our strength lies in coordinated planning between our technical department and Customer's designers.

key steps

competition by invitation
25 participating companies
15 calendar days to submit an economic offer and technical drawings
2 selected companies
15 calendar days to produce the mockup of the chair

Ares Line presented 2 mockups 
Ares Line wins the challenge
May 1st, 2017 end of fitting of chairs

Concert hall

Photo:  © Simon Menges

The chair's design  comes from a project by David Chipperfield Architects, which during the tender had made specific requests to the participating companies.
Since the beginning, the Ares Line technical team worked side by side with the  Client's designer to highlight the typical guidelines of an ergonomic and well built chair.

If on one side Ares Line has respected exactly the designer's idea, on the other side  Ares Line has decided to pursue an alternative way planning a second prototype designed by Giovanni Baccolini (very experienced designers who works with Ares Line since a long time)


1. harmonious curves and lines of the wood that have required the development of special molds
2. monolithic appearance of the sides
3. compact backs that transmit solidity

The trump card

During the display phase of the mockup, Ares Line had the idea of presenting two prototypes
- One Corresponding to the designers' requirements, one designed by G. Baccolini -
Both prototypes assembled with Würth's components.
Detail, but not negligible: a portion of the prototype was presented in section to clearly show the inside material's quality.

#1 prototype

#2 prototype - chosen


velvet red color Würth

smoked oak

The seat integrates perfectly, becoming an unicum with the room, thanks to the choice of finishes with high aesthetic value.


David Chipperfield 



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